Recognise my deep love for you.

You are my beloved.
How can you not recognise my deep love for you?
I have carried you over many pitfalls –
Some you have not seen.
I have always been there for you
Waiting for when you need me.
We work together as a team –
The Holy Spirit with me.
We hear the voice of the Father
And we act accordingly.
We do not envy one another –
We are a true team.
We empower one another
With our unity.

Be as “one” my people.
You are my Body on the earth.
Treasure each other’s giftings.
Give honour where honour is due.
The need you have for each other
Will be more revealed to you.

You are my beloved.
My love is deep for you.
Trust me now more than ever before
To complete my work in you.
Rest in knowing I completed the work
That was required of me
When I gave my life-blood for all
On Calvary.
Make this known – together as “one”.
Enforce the victory I have won.

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