The end of a season

The end of a season brings excitement of its own
For who knows what the future may bring? –
And for those who trust in the Lord their God
Leaning not on their own understanding,
They know that God works all things for their good
As they trust and obey as best they can.

There is a future and a hope
For all who believe in the truth of God’s Word.
The promises that have been made
Are made by a God who does not lie
And the prophecies given are being fulfilled.

This is true, my people.
Be ready for the new season in your life.
Prepare yourselves as much as you can.
In each season, there is growth
And my greatest desire is that you understand
More of who I Am
And that my love for you is deep and everlasting.

As you grow in the knowledge and love of me
You will never be the same again.
Your knowledge and understanding more
Of who you are in me
Will be clearly seen.
There will be a “rest” that only comes from me.
The suffering which is part of living in the world
You will overcome by the blood that was shed upon the cross
And the word of your testimony.
Your confidence will grow, my people
As this new season in your life approaches.

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