A fervent desire

How I longed for my disciples to deeply understand
All that was going to happen to me
On that cross at Calvary.
It was with a fervent desire I desired to be with them
To break the bread and drink of the fruit of the vine.
My Body was to be the complete sacrifice
And the new covenant in my blood. (Luke 22:15-20)

How I long for my people today
To understand in a much deeper way
All that was accomplished when I gave my life
For all mankind on that cross on that day –
All sicknesses and diseases; all sins and iniquities:
All sorrows and griefs: all guilt and shame –
Taken on the cross.
Your sins have been forgiven my people.
By the stripes, my wounds, on my back
You have been healed and
By my blood, you have been washed clean
And now protected from the works of the enemy.
There is nothing more that needs to be done.
I have done it all –
On the cross it has all been done.

My people, as you cease from all your own works
And rest in the work that has already been done,
You will flow with my Spirit
Who represents me on the earth
And with Him, enforce the victory
That has already been won.

I love you, my people
And I still have a fervent desire
To break bread with you
And take the cup with you –
My blood keeping you strong.

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