Trust me! Know who I am.

Trust Me! Know who I Am.
“I am the Lord who exercises loving-kindness
Justice and Righteous in the earth
And in these things I delight, says the Lord.”

(Jer. 9:24)

Understand and know who I Am, my people.
Do not glory or boast in your wisdom,
Strength or wealth.
Trust in none of these.
Christ in you is the Hope of Glory.

I have been your provider – I have been your strength.
I have been the One who has given you wisdom
And the ways to get wealth.
Your life on this earth is temporal.
Glorify only me.

The time is short, my people.
Understand and know who I Am.
With me you will spend eternity.
It is for you to reveal who I Am
To those who have not heard or understood
That on the cross at Calvary
I bore their sins and sicknesses
By the stripes on my back and the blood I shed.
I gave my life and was raised from the dead.
Tell them of my love for them.

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