Come now, Come deeper into me.

Come now, come deeper into me.
My people, you are to know who I am
In a much deeper way than you have
Ever done before.
Allow me to show more of myself.
This can only come when you take the time
To be still before me.
I reveal to you glimpses of myself at other times
And in different ways –
Yet I say to you today, I ask you to seek me
In a deeper way than you have done before.
I desire to reveal to you my goodness –
My very essence –
More of who I am.

I do reveal myself through the miracles I do.
I show myself in many ways for all to see –
All the heavens declare my glory.
All of creation reveals more of who I am.
I created life on the earth.
I created man and the new life in man
For all who believe that Jesus is my Son
Who died on the cross, was buried
And then rose again in resurrection life.
You have come to know me through my written Word
And also through my Holy Spirit –
Yet there is much more I would reveal to you of myself.

Take the time to be with me.
Make the time out of all your busyness
Available only to me.
Keep pushing all the distractions aside.
Take authority over every hindrance.
Your fight is against the world, the flesh and the devil.

Deep calls to deep, my very own people.
Come now, come deeper into me
And you will find you will do and be
All I would have you to be.
You will absorb My Glory –
Christ in you, the hope of Glory.

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