Come as “one” to worship.

Come my people, come!
Come and gather together as “one”.
Worship and praise as never before.
My Father is the Most High God –
Higher than any other god –
Any god made with hands
Or any other man long gone
That is now worshiped by man.

I am now seated together with Him
And together you are with me.
I am in you and you are in me.
In the Spirit, you are in the heavenlies.
My people, recognise your lives on earth are temporal
And important these lives are for me.
Use them as instruments of praise and worship
Even more than you have done before.
This is one way you break the forces of evil.
It is indeed a weapon of war.

All honour and glory and praise and blessing
Is to be given to the Father of Glory.
With thanksgiving, make known with all your heart
The love you have for Him.
His love and grace know no bounds
For you are special people –
It was for you He gave me as the perfect sacrifice
And I also chose and gave my all.
Worship and praise, my people
With thanksgiving in your hearts.
We are “one”, Father, Spirit and Son.
With one voice, “lift up your heads. O you gates” –
As the King of Glory, I will come in.

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