Unity in my plan and purpose.

Unity in plan and purpose
Is what I require right now –
Unity in my plan and purpose in this time and season.
Your hearts’ desire is to do my will
And I see each heart.
Things are coming together now
And my people are seeing and hearing
More clearly than ever before.
It is time now to come together –
Together to listen and see.
You will each have part of my plan
And move together with me.
In this unity of my plan and purpose
My timing will fit like a glove –
Everything will dove-tail together.
You are all equally important to me.
The giftings I have given are to come forward
For My Glory.
I treasure you and have faith in you.
Have faith in me now that I will complete
That which I have started in you.
My Kingdom is to be your priority –
All else is to be put aside.

I am moving all over the world
In ways as not before.
You are an integral part of my end-time plan;
You will go from shore to shore.
Know that your unity is in me, as you listen and see
And proclaim those things you hear and see,
You will bring into being what I desire to create
In this day and age for My Glory.
It is for My Glory
Your City is to know its destiny.

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