There are seasons in the spirit.

There are seasons in the Spirit that need to be
Grasped and held.
You need to know the time and the seasons
That I have ordained.
If you allow them to pass you by, you miss
What I am doing.
My people, be attuned to me
Not to the world around you.

My Holy Spirit is moving
In ways as not before.
There is a speeding up of time as you know it,
Such as never before.
There are angels assigned to different tasks
Waiting to be released.
It is by the words of your mouth, my people;
As you speak forth my Word,
They are able to perform their tasks
That are part of my battle plan.

Do not be silent. Do not be afraid.
Enter into this time and season.
It is time to manifest my Glory.
I am deep within.
My people, I am in you, the Hope of Glory;
I am now to be clearly seen.
Rise up my people and shine for me –
The glory of the Lord has risen upon you!

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