Catch the new season!

Catch the new season!
It’s in the Spirit –
The new season for your life – for your family –
The new season for the world around you.

Catch the fire of revival – new life.
Catch the fire of the Holy Spirit.
Be baptised with the Holy Spirit
And be baptised with fire.

I am the One who baptises you with the Holy Spirit
And with fire.
I desire you to be equipped for all I require of you.
Be aware it is a new season in your life.
It is for you to be strong in me and in the power of
My might.

Revelation knowledge will start to flow.
You will start to hear and see and know.
It is the baptism of fire you need, my people –
You need your flame of fire.

Ask in faith, believing.
My fullness I bring to you.
Catch the new season I have for you –
A fuller achieving of my plan for your life
At this time and season.
You are all part of a bigger picture;
Part of my end-time plan.
I need you to be prepared and ready,
Fully equipped to take the land.

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