My blood has never lost its power.

“O The blood of Jesus
It washes white as snow”.

My blood has never lost its power
And continues to flow.

This is hard for you to understand
Yet just as in a blood bank
My blood is there available to bring new life,
Though my blood is supernatural
And needs to be received and applied by faith.
It has been given once and for all.
It represents the New Covenant
To be remembered by all.

My people, my love is to be remembered
Each time you take the bread and drink the cup
For my love still reaches out to you –
The same love as the everlasting love of the Father.
He so loved the world He gave me to you –
His only begotten Son, that you might believe in me
And have everlasting life.
Our love still flows through the blood that was shed.
Believe and receive the freedom it gives.
Health and wholeness is contained in this blood –
Protection and strength and all that you need
To live a life that overcomes the world
Together with your testimony.

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