It is with fervent desire

It is with fervent desire
I have desired to eat this Passover with you
Before I suffer.
”                    Luke 22:15

Come and partake of the Covenant
The New Covenant in my blood.
I gave my life-blood for you.
I gave my body to be sacrificed.
I chose to be the sacrificial lamb –
The only way to redeem the world.

For each one, I have borne your sin.
I have borne your sickness and shame.
Do not be deceived.
It is for you my people.
It is for this reason I came.
I came to set all captives free.

Look now at the Lord God Almighty –
The Maker of heaven and earth.
I was there with my Father in the beginning,
Before I came to earth.
I am now the resurrected Christ
In the Glory of Heaven, with Him.

Know that you are free now
To praise and worship Him
In Spirit and in Truth.
It is through my blood shed on the cross
That you have full access to Him.
Close to his throne, you know you are His own
And can worship in Spirit and in Truth.

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