The light of the world.

The Light of the world
Is how I was described
When I came to earth
And my own did not know me.

My people, that same light
Still shines in the darkness
And needs to be recognised.
That same light is in you my people.
My glory has been passed on to you
For you to reveal to the world.
I am “Christ in you the hope of glory”.

The God of Hope is to be revealed
To those who have lost all hope.
The promises of the Father
Will always be fulfilled.
You are now to shine in the darkness
Revealing me as the life and light of men.
I am truly the Way, the Truth and the Life
And whoever comes to me I will not turn away
For my blood has been given for the sons of men.
When they are drawn to the light, they will find
My love and compassion for all mankind.

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