O The blood of Jesus

O The blood of Jesus
It washes white as snow
“Though your sins are like scarlet
They shall be white as snow.
Though they are red like crimson
They shall be as wool.” Is. 1:18.

It is a new season
And for some it is a new start.
For others it is a brand new life
As all their sins are washed away
By the precious blood of the lamb,
The Lamb of God, who takes away
The sin of the world.

“Behold! The Lamb of God
Who takes away the sin of the world.”
Were words spoken by John The Baptist
And on that cross, the Saviour of the world
proclaimed “It is finished!”

My people, you have been born into my Kingdom,
My Kingdom of Light.
Though you live in the world
Where there is much darkness,
You have been born into my Kingdom of Light.
You are spiritual beings.
Your spirit is to rule and reign.
My Holy Spirit now lives in you
And He is to take the reins.
Your soul and your body, that part which is flesh,
Does not live on when you die.

My people, live in the Spirit.
It is a new season for all who seek more of me.
Walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit
Free of all condemnation –
Because of the blood of Jesus
Which washes white as snow.

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