Be anxious for nothing

“Be anxious for nothing but in everything,
By prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving,
Let your requests be made known to God
And the peace of God which passes all understanding
Will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”
(Phil 4:6-7)

These are not idle words
They are words that need a response.
Those things that concern you, concern me
Those things that weigh heavily upon your heart
Are to be shared with me first of all.

My people, you are to share one another’s burdens
Yet many things would not become burdens
If you would but call upon me and fully trust in me.
My Holy Spirit has been sent to comfort, counsel and teach.
He will guide you and show the way through
When there seems to be no way.
I know the end from the beginning.
I am the Alpha and Omega.
Do not listen to the enemy of your soul –
The one who would put doubt and unbelief into your thinking.
Cast down those negative thoughts
And bring your every thought to the obedience of me.
My thoughts to become your thoughts.

Keep trusting in me –
Not leaning on your own understanding.
Walk in my ways and you will have that reassurance
You are on the right path.
Replace every anxious thought with my Word
And I will keep your heart and mind in perfect peace.

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