My words through my people

The words I have spoken through my people of old
And the words I speak to my people today
Are relevant to the day.
They speak at the times and the seasons
In people’s lives
And at strategic times in cities and nations.
It is the same Holy Spirit revealing to the hearts of men
My plan and purpose for the day.

I am the same yesterday, today and forever
And the Spirit of the Word remains the same.
The love I have for the people of the world has never changed.
My love reaches out as a never-ending river
Full of grace and truth and mercy –
Justice and righteousness flow from my throne.

Out of you my people will flow rivers of living water.
Allow me to continually fill you to overflowing
That you as a Body will represent me on the earth
In Spirit and in Truth.
Be for me the living Word.
Be for me the living Bread.
Pass on the revelation knowledge I give.
Love with my love – strong and firm.
I am the Christ, the Son of the Living God.
I live in you my people –
I am in you “the hope of glory”.

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