There is now an expectancy

There is now an expectancy I have for my people
As they are being prepared for a great outpouring.
It is revelation knowledge that is to be poured
In a greater measure upon the earth.
My people have been longing to understand and know more of me
They are more hungry and thirsty now
To come deeper into me.

My Holy Spirit has been moving on the hearts of my people,
There is a drawing now of my people
And they are being drawn together.
My people, it is together you are seated in heavenly places
And this will become more of a reality to you.
It is in this glory realm you are to enter.
Come now and abide with me.
See with my eyes and hear with my ears
Be truly my Body for me.

My Body is about to rise right up
Strong and straight and tall –
Clearly seen by the world around
And trembling some will fall
As they see my Majesty portrayed as it were on a wall
Many will gaze in wonder as my glory is being revealed.

My people, you are being changed from glory to glory.
Know this to be true.
Separate yourselves from the ways of the world.
The time has come for me to be seen
Radiating out of you.
Love with my love – Be strong and firm
Revealing my Truth through your words and deeds
Doing those exploits promised by me –
Returning all the glory to me.

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