Reflective Glory

It is in my reflective glory I would have you abide –
It is a deeper place for you to reside.
My people, it is Christ in you the hope of glory
And my glory will be seen and known.
Of these things you are aware
And my glory is being poured out more and more
Across the face of the earth.

In my reflective glory is a special place to be.
It is where the glory you have been given
Reflects back to me.
My people, I long for you to desire
To go deeper and deeper in me.
Know that my love for you will never wane
And as you hunger after me,
I will fulfil the desires of your heart.
Come deeper now in me.

The glory I shared with my Son
Before the world began
Has now been passed on by Him to you my people.
It is for you to be as “one”
The glory we had as Father and Son
Was reflective glory.
This we still share and it is for you to abide
Deeply in the glory we provide.

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