Even in your everyday tasks such as shopping

Even in your everyday tasks such as shopping
Be guided by me
For would I not have you reaching out
Into the community?

My agenda for your day is to be sought by you
Each one.
Your time now is to be wisely used
More than ever before.
Those things you think are important
May not be to me
And now that you know that the time is short
Be enquiring more of me.

My people, you are my hands and feet and my mouth-piece
In the world today.
You are able to bring into being
Those things I desire.
The words of your mouth can create for me,
And coupled with my Word
My angels will minister on your behalf
And my gospel will be heard.

There is now a uniting in heart and mind
And in plan and purpose
For my Spirit is moving and hovering
Over the face of the earth.
My people will be drawn to a closer walk with me.
My Body now is rising up
To what I have called it to be.
There will be much repentance.
I am dividing the sheep from the goats.
Do not put off till another day
The choices you have to make.
Know that my love reaches out to you –
My arms outstretched waiting for you

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