Of paramount importance

To use the gifts I have given is paramount in these days.
They will bring the breakthrough needed in these last days.
These gifts are not to be laid aside but used to benefit others –
For those who need healing, encouragement, new hope in their lives.
These gifts will bring the changes needed even in your own lives.
The gifts I have given are to be used to change the world around you.
As you grow in the gifts I have given, you will be part of the changes needed
In your city, your nation and other nations of the world.

My people, I would have you recognise the gifts I have given are weapons,
Spiritual weapons to bring into being my plan and purpose for the earth –
My Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.
The weapons I have given each one of you, are to be used by you.
I see you and know you each one, and know those that are best for you.
Ask of me when you have doubts – I desire you to use your gifts well.
You are not to fear as you step out in faith.
Keep learning and growing each step of the way
And even if you stumble or make a mistake,
I will be there to correct your fall as a father with his child.

I am doing a quick work my people.
Know that the time is short.
I ask that you heed the words I say:
My gifts are of paramount importance in these last days.

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