Behold! It is a new day!

Behold! It is a new day!
All things have become new!
Know that this is true.
My mercies are new every morning.
Each day I have more things to share with you –
More revelation knowledge.
Each day you are more ready to receive from me –
To truly hear –
To believe and receive
For few have come into the fullness
Of what was done on Calvary for each of you.

My people, be still and know that I am God.
Be still before me.
Quieten your heart and your mind to truly receive
For I have many things to tell you –
To share with you.
When you do whatever I command you, I call you friend.
A very close friend can be trusted with the secrets of your heart.
I desire you to be a close friend of mine.
I desire to share with you the secrets of my heart.
Many of them now to be revealed
To those who choose to be my close friends.
Come and be still before me
And let me share the secrets of my heart.

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