My love will melt the hearts of kings

My love is the greatest force in the universe –
It will melt the hearts of kings –
It will melt the heart of the leaders of nations –
It comforts, heals and delivers from all the snares of the enemy.

Hatred produces hatred.
Violence produces violence.
These things you know and see.

It is by my Spirit moving in the earth
That will turn the tide for all eternity.
My Spirit will guide and lead my people
Once they are aware
That around them and in them and through them
My Holy Spirit is moving,
Empowering them to bring the change that is needed
To bring their world out of despair.

My people, my Holy Spirit is hovering
Hovering and waiting
For you, my people, to be aware
Of your calling and destiny in me.

Move now, with my Spirit guiding and leading.
It is a New Day!
Behold! All things have become new!
Arise now to a new life in me –
Living with my love setting the captives free,
Knowing that the power of my love in you
Is greater than any other power.

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