Meticulous is what I would have you be

Meticulous is what I would have you to be –
Not perfect, or in fear of making a mistake
But meticulous as far as you can be
In the tasks I ask you to do for me.

My people, the time now is short –
Know that I have a strategy.
There is to be an alignment of my people
Such as has not been seen before.
This alignment is in the Spirit
And will be more clearly seen.

Are you salt and light wherever you go?
Do you change the atmosphere?
Are you setting the captives free
In warfare, and then loving them to me?

There are now specific tasks I would have you do for me.
I ask you today to do those tasks meticulously.
No longer be complacent. Seek my plan for you each day..
Behold! All things have become new!
Each day they are to become new for you.

There is a “Body” awareness of my presence more and more.
This is not to be taken lightly
Though in my presence there is fullness of joy
As I presence my self in your midst,
Let those who have an ear to hear
And those who have eyes to see
Respond in reverence to my presence.

Each part of my Body is to function well for my glory.
Come into alignment my people.
Be as meticulous as you can be.
Reveal my glory for all to see.
I am in you and you are in me.

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