My Tonga

My Tonga, I see you – for are you not mine?
For did I not form you and reveal you
Out of many waters?
For did I not see you and know you each one –
Each of you, my sons and my daughters?

Always I have had a plan
That you should be totally mine
And this you will be should you heed my call
And respond as I reach out in love to you all.

My people, I ask you to now gather in,
As a hen would gather her chicks,
Those who are lost and hurting –
Those who go their own way.
They need to know that I am the way.
As well as the truth and the life.
Any other way leads to destruction.
Any other way has no true life.

My people of Tonga, prepare the way –
The God of Love is coming in.
The God of All Hope – The King of Glory
Is coming in.
In a new way He’s coming in
Be prepared for the soon-coming King.

It is in a new dimension I am coming in.
I am bringing to you my essence –
Revealing more of who I Am.
My love will flow for salvation –
For healing and miracles.
My glory will be seen and known
Among you, my beautiful people.

The blood of my Son has prepared the way
For you to be close to me.
Be free of all sin, sickness, guilt and shame.
You are now ready to prepare for me.

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