My Fruit

Are you a fruit-bearing tree
Bearing much fruit for me?
Call out and say “Come and eat!”
Pass on that fruit for me.
Tell to all – the fruit is sweet,
Wholesome and healthy to eat –
Faith and hope and love and peace
Are needed in the world today.
There needs to be an out-pouring
To counteract the hatred and greed.

My people, you have so much to give.
Share the fruit you have grown for me.
It is the fruit you bear that brings health to the Body,
My Body of Christ,
And as you share your fruit with each other
A healthy glow will be seen
And people will be drawn to me.
Be for me, a fruitful tree –
Be a healthy vine. Abide in me –
Be strong when pruned
And bear even more fruit for me.

Rejoice in me and again I say “Rejoice!”
My joy is your strength for every task ahead.
My fruit is to remain in you.
You will go from strength to strength.

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