Sri Lanka (For Daughters of Destiny)

Sri Lanka –
I see you as a tear-drop in the ocean
As well as a pearl.
I have a heart cry for you
And in you I see “my girls”.

I came to earth to set the oppressed free –
It was part of my destiny.
My people, my compassion still flows –
The power in my blood still freely flows.

In your land there has been much blood-shed –
For too long there has been much war.
I say to you my people –
May it be no more.

My people, take all that I hold out to you.
I lift you up high in the palm of my hand.
My glory is to be seen glowing from you,
A precious pearl in my hand.
My love is to flow freely in your land
As you honour and care for each other,

My girls, rise up to your destiny –
I came to set all captives free.
You are to be an example for the world to see.
My love for you out-weighs any force of the enemy.
“You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you”
My righteousness dwells in you
You have favour with my Father God
The One who made and formed you.
If your loving God is for you,
Who can win against you?

Come now and glow for me –
My tear drop, my pearl.
My love for you will never end,
You are precious and beautiful
Come each one and be my friend.
“You are my friends if you do whatever I command you”
John 15:14

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