Take the time to be with just and only me

Take the time to be with just and only me.
I am the One who formed and made you.
In me You live and move and have your being –
Yet so often your mind and heart are far from me.
Take the time to focus solely on me.
I am waiting patiently,
For I have many things to tell you –
Many things to show you.
The enemy would have you distracted
Day by day by day.

My people, the time now is short
And I need each of you to find your place.
Once you have the revelation of who I Am in the world today
And who you are in me, and the role I would have you play,
You will step forward and move towards that goal
Unwavering and strong, full of confidence,
Empowered by my Spirit, for the task ahead.
My people, recognise me in each other as you work alongside,
For it is together you will accomplish my plan and purpose.
Each nation has their part to play.
As you sit with me in the heavenlies,
You will see and embrace the wider picture with me.

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