To some I have given the gift of faith

To some I have given the gift of faith
In addition to their seed –
To others I have given a seed of faith
As well as other gifts and that seed is to grow for me.
It is true “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”
And growing from faith to faith is clear in my Word.

My people, however you have received the faith that is given from me,
Know that no-one is greater in my eyes than another
Growing in faith from me.
This you must see so clearly –
It is just that some choose to be close to me.

Faith is the evidence of things hoped for
And the evidence of things not seen.
Without faith you cannot please me.
If you enter into unbelief because of the wiles of the enemy,
You have entered into dangerous territory –
The danger of losing what you have received
Because of the sacrifice of my Son.
Faith is the essence of who you are
Once you have come to know me.

My people, the seeds of faith that you have been given
Are to be watered and fed.
Take the time to nurture these seeds
Or doubt and unbelief will grow instead.

My love for you will never end.
I have created you in my image.
Come my people, look to me and my Word.
Find the path I have chosen for you.
I am not a God that I should lie
Nor the son of man that I should repent.
My promises are true and for you –
Receive them by faith and walk in my truth.

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