Move my daughter! Move my son!

Move my daughter! Move my son!
Do not stand on the sidelines and watch my Spirit move.
Move with me as my Spirit moves –
Move in unity.
Step right in and move with us
To get the work of the Father done.
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty –
Yet in heart and mind there is unity.
We are to truly be as “one”.

Help my Body be healed and whole
So that each part functions well.
Each part is important for good co-ordination –
Each part needs the blood of my Son
For good circulation
And to partake of the living bread that was given to you from heaven.
New life now is flowing – resurrection life.
That life is flowing through my Body.
Move in now and know this life surging through the Body.

My Body is rising up for me.
My Body is revealing its identity.
As each part of my Body cares for the other parts –
As you look and see the parts that are hurting, for me –
As you take the time to love with my love and help those parts, for me,
The world will see – and they will see me.
They will not just see signs of charity –
It is then they will be drawn to me.

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