Take what I give you and use it well

Take what I give and use it well
May nothing I give you be wasted.
My people, I have given you health and strength
Because of the blood of my Son.
It is truly because of those stripes on his back
That you are able to walk in good health.

I have given you gifts that you are to use well –
They are not to be laid on the shelf.
They are to be used for the benefit of others
That I place in your path.

I have given you faith and I have given you hope
And my love I give in abundance.
Keep growing in these things as you pass them on.
They are for the benefit of others.

My people all the gifts I have given
Are freely for you to absorb
And then as you have freely received
Freely give to others that they might believe.

I have given you so much in your hand
For you to multiply.
Make sure you do not waste what I give –
The Name of Jesus to be lifted high.

I desire to use you for my glory
In ways as not before.
Keep growing in all I have given you
Knowing there is always more.

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