The love that I give cannot be compared

The love that I give cannot be compared
To any other force –
The love that I give Is greater than all else
In the universe.
My love destroys the enemy’s plans –
My love thwarts his hatred at every turn –
Yet my justice will now start to be more clearly seen.
Across the world you will see more scenes
Where justice will prevail.
I am the God of the Universe –
My plans will be unveiled.

It Is because of my love I have waited
For my people to come In line.
I cannot go against my Word.
Be warned my people and be aligned.
The days are short and my love reaches out
For you to respond to me.
Stay away from the enemy’s camp unless you are on a mission from me.
When I return, you are to be In the place I have assigned you to be.
Be filled with my love and my fullness, enforcing my victory.
My love In you Is a mighty force over the enemy.

Allow my love to Infiltrate your being.
Be still and know that I am God.
I am the God who heals you
And I desire to use you for my Glory.

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