It is by my Spirit I move

It is by my Spirit I move
When and how I choose.
Move with me, in my spirit
Listening for my strategy.
For each person and each situation
There are different ways to approach.
Take the time to be attuned.
My timing now is paramount,
For as the time approaches for my return
My people are to be positioned,
Standing strong and firm.
There are strong assignments
When my timing is essential.
My Spirit will prompt – My Spirit will guide –
My Spirit will empower you.
My people, make sure there is no pride
For it is not by might, nor by power
But by my Spirit you will over-ride.
You are to thwart all the enemy’s plans.
As you move with my Spirit and me,
We destroy all the works of the enemy
And bring to nought all his evil schemes
Fighting and enforcing my victory.

When in my strength you move,
My joy will abound.
Your lives will change
And my love will surround.

My glory is to be revealed
In and through you my people.
Allow my glory to be clearly seen.
Go and flow freely in me.

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