There are some things that are to be forgotten

There are some things that are to be forgotten
And remembered no more –
They are the sins of my people
Washed away by the blood of the lamb.
When my people confess their sins before me
My Word is very clear –
I am faithful and just to forgive their sins
And to clean them from all unrighteousness.
Shame and guilt are to be no more –
They are to be pushed right out the door.

My people, know you are free in me –
Free because of what was done on Calvary.
Know that no matter how hard you try
You cannot earn those things for which Christ died
All that you need was done on that day –
All that you will ever need
To live a life of fulfilment in me –
Knowing my love will carry you through
Every one of life’s adversities
And every attack of the enemy.

The power that raised Christ from the dead
Lives in you my people.
Be strong in me and in the power of my might,
Knowing I am with you in every fight
For it is a war that you are in –
Your confidence to be in my Spirit within.
Know that you can do all things in Christ –
This will strengthen you.
The victory was won on the cross –
No battle need be lost.
Enforce the victory He has won –
By your lives reveal what He has done.

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