My daughter, come! – My son, come!

Come my daughter, come! – My son, come!
Come together before my throne.
There is room for everyone.
You need never be alone.
You are seated in heavenly places with me
And I want you to see the things that I see.
You have entered into a new life with me
That will go on into eternity.
Spend that time at my feet –
The face of my Son still to seek.
He is the one to be lifted up high –
His Name greater than any other.
Men will be drawn to come to know Him
And He will be known as the King of Kings.

My people, unless you stay very close to me
And know me as your Father,
You can be drawn into the ways of the world
Drifting away from me, your Father.
I desire you to flow in my peace as a river
Despite the turmoil all around,
Knowing my love for you will never end –
In my strength and power you will abound.
This you will know in the days ahead
As you fight to enforce the victory
That has already been won
When on that cross at Calvary
My Son gave his life-blood for everyone.
Come my daughter! Come my son!

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