There is no other Name under heaven

There is no other Name under heaven
By which men can be saved
Other than the Name Christ Jesus.
The Name of Jesus is to be lifted high –
Yet so often his Name is used as a swear word.
It is time for you to encourage these ones
To lift up and not put down His Name
So that their lives may be changed.

My people, do not be silent.
Speak out in love.
Do not condemn but encourage.
There is a lack of understanding.
Mind-blinding spirits have been active on the earth
And people need to be set free.
Take the time to bind and loose –
You have been given the authority.

It is in the Name of my Son you are to move
In greater authority.
You have been given weapons of war
To strike down the enemy.
He is to no longer rule and reign
Over the lives that I have made.
The blood of my Son was given for all
And His Name, greater than any other name,
Is now to be lifted high and tall.

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