To be baptised in The Holy Spirit and with fire

To be baptised in the Holy Spirit and with fire
Is for each one of you my heart’s desire.
It is my desire you be fully equipped
As you run the race that has been set before you.

In this coming year, you will face many new challenges
In each one of these you will know the power and the strength
Of abiding in me.
Allow me to flow through you in my fullness.
Of yourselves, you know partial victory.
There is a cycle of victory and defeat.

In this coming year, the world around you
Will face crisis after crisis –
For am I not bringing many prophecies into fulfilment?]
Am I not revealing to you the truths in my word?
My people, do not fight as my Holy Spirit and my fire
Complete in you the work I have started.
Know and trust that I am your heavenly Father
Bringing to pass in the earth today
The culmination of all that has gone before.
Allow me to use you to bring into being
Those things which do not now exist.
Allow me to use you to bind and loose on the earth
Those things that are already bound and loosed in heaven.
I am answering your prayers my people –
My kingdom coming to earth as it is in heaven.
Each person is unique and valuable to me –
Made in my image awaiting their fulfilment in me.
Be prepared my people –
My return is imminent.

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