The days are fast approaching (For 2012)

The days are fast approaching when the times and the seasons
Will no longer be as you now know them.
As your New Year approaches
Know that I am doing new things on the earth.
I will not be put in a box.
I will not be limited by man’s thinking or man’s ways.
My ways are higher than your ways
And my thoughts higher than your thoughts
Yet more and more, by my Spirit,
You are being changed into my likeness my people
And my ways are being your ways
And my thoughts are becoming your thoughts.
The ways of the world are to be pushed aside..
Your focus is to be strongly on my agenda for your days.
I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek me.

My people, my plans and purpose for this coming year
Are recorded and documented.
I always have a blueprint and I hold it in my hand.
It is for you to seek my face and listen well.
Be ready to believe and receive –
Always my plans are for your good.
This is the day when I am revealing more of my glory
And my heart’s desire is for my glory to be seen
More and more in you my people.
I have anointed you.
The Spirit of the Lord is upon you –
The Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding
The Spirit of Counsel and Might
The Spirit of Knowledge and Fear of the Lord.
I desire my fullness to encompass you.
I desire my Spirit to overflow from you to others –
My light to shine in the darkness round about
Revealing me to the world.

My signs and wonders will continue to be seen
And my love for the world clearly seen.
It is through the cross and the blood of my Son
My power will be acknowledged and known
And all the glory to be given to me.
Myriads and myriads of people will come through the Valley of Decision
And enter into my Kingdom.
It is harvest time my people – Stay close to me.
The new wine is in the cluster.
The latter and the former rain are being poured out together.

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