Take what I hold out to you

Take what I hold out to you –
It is a bag of love –
Love and mercy and grace.
It is a bag that you will need as you run this last race.
All around you, you will find the strategy of the enemy –
The evidence of his evil plans outworked on the earth –
Outworked in the people – most of those you meet.

You will be used in warfare such as never before.
Know that indeed you are in a war,
Yet for those who have been ensnared
You will need my love and mercy and grace,
You will need these as never before.
Be firm and strong in the power of my might.
Be aware and not react to the people I have made.
Set them free – By my Spirit, bind and loose.
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

My people, take the bag I hold out to you –
It is full of love, mercy and grace.
More and more you are seeing my miracle-working power
Being revealed on the earth –
Yet it is by my love, mercy and grace
You will see new birth –
Lives born anew.
Bring forth new babies for me.
I am doing a quick work bringing them into maturity.
Show forth my glory.
Work with my Spirit sand draw them to me –
Saving lives for eternity.

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