I came to earth and became a child.

I came to earth and became a child.
I fed at my mother’s breast.
A body had been prepared for me.
I learnt from my earthly parents,
Yet as a child I heard my heavenly Father’s voice.
I had come to earth for a purpose
And that had to be fulfilled.
I had to have time apart with Him
For him to show me step by step
As I progressed on my earthly path
And grew to be a man.
I was the image of the invisible God
And those who saw me saw the Father.

Take time out to hear the voice of the heavenly Father
Waiting for you to hear his voice clearly.
It is for you to know He is your Father
And so loves you that He gave me to you
To show you who He is.

(The experience of joy and wonder accompanying the birth of a child
That experience of joy and wonder is also ours
When we realise we are born anew in the Spirit
And have become God’s very own child.)

The spirit of revelation will continue to reveal
The secrets of the Kingdom and who my Father truly is.
His love for you is everlasting.
My spirit of wisdom and revelation is being poured out.
My people, be aware of the times and the seasons
And flow with my Spirit day by day.
Be attuned to hear the Father’s voice
And do what you see Him doing in these last days.
You may not know the day or the hour
But know I am coming soon.
Be prepared – Be ready
And I ask you to be attuned.

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