Trust me now – Trust me

Trust me now – Trust me.
Trust me more and more.
Trust me more than ever before.
Is it not my desire to give you an open door?

Just as there is an open heaven above you my people
Now that the veil is torn from top to bottom,
You have been given open access to come into my presence
Because of the blood of my son given for all mankind.

For you now there is an open door –
There needs to be a leap of faith.
Push off from your launching pad –
It is embedded in solid rock.
There is no other foundation that could have been laid
Than that of my Son, your Rock.
For all that I have planned for you must be on solid rock
And He alone is to be your capstone.

Trust now as never before.
You have never been this way before.
I am showing you more of who I AM
As you enter into the open door.

It has to be the blood of my Son that gives you access to me.
Any other way would be of works – what you are doing for me.
This blood has never lost its power
It freely flows for you from me.
Remember to partake of me –
the bread and the wine
in remembrance of me.
It will keep you strong and grounded in me.

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