Do not fear to enter in

Do Not Fear To Enter In –
To enter into the Glory Realm.
Moses cried out to see my glory
And it was from the cleft of the rock
He saw what I revealed to him.

My people, I have given my Son.
He is your Rock and your Redeemer –
He is in you and you are in Him.
Enter in now – enter in!
In Him you will see my glory.

The desire for my glory is implanted in you –
At creation, my glory enveloped you.
Rest in the knowledge that it is my desire for you
To enter into my glory and be with me
Living your life glorifying me.

Stay abiding in me, the vine
Bearing much fruit as you abide –
It is in the glory realm I live –
And it is by my Spirit your every need is met
As you represent me while on the earth.

Know that as you spend time in my presence –
In praise and worship – and in my word –
And as you spend time in prayer –
You are being changed from glory to glory.
Do not be afraid of entering in more deeply into my glory.

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