Always my heart for you

Always My Heart For You
Is for a future and a hope.
I am the God of all Hope my people –
It is clear in my Word.

My Word is full of my promises to you.
It is for you to receive them by faith.
My promises are true
And they are for you.
I am not a man that I should lie
Nor the son of man that I should repent.

I gave my life that you might live an abundant life.
Come to the cross and receive a Divine Exchange.
I have already borne on the cross your sin –
All your sicknesses, sorrows and griefs.
You need have no doubts or fears –
They are from the enemy of your soul.

Remember what I have done for you –
Take the bread and the wine –
The fruit of the vine
Representing the blood of my stripes
And, as you eat of the bread, representing me,
Receive all that was accomplished on the cross for you –
New life, new hope, a new way.

Know that I am truly the God of all hope
Your faith now to be in me and who I Am –
And I am living in you
Giving you life anew.

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