Stop and look my people!

Stop and look my people! Are you limiting me?
I am able to do more than you ask or think possible.
These words you know and you have grown in faith
But I say again – Are you limiting me?
Eye has not seen nor ear heard of what I have planned for most of you
In your lives right now. I ask you not to limit me.
Do not look at your own inadequacy.
Do not look at the gifts you have been given.
Look only now to me –
Look at me with expectancy
For you are moving into a new dimension in me.
There is an overflowing now of revelation knowledge.
Sit at my feet, my people, as a first priority
Even in your busy-ness
Unless you hear my plan for your day
There will be a drifting away from my plan and purpose for your life.
My Spirit is now strategically moving over the face of the earth
Setting in place my end-time plan.

Do not limit me in what I desire to accomplish in you –
In you and through you at this time.
I have been preparing each one of you for such a time as this.
There is an awakening right across your land –
Even to the ends of the earth –
Even where there is extreme turmoil and strife
I am moving in ways that are not easily seen.

The power that raised my Son from the dead
Now resides in each of you my people.
Spend time at my feet – praise and worship me.
Be refreshed in me – be awakened anew
Recognising that that power I desire to be ignited afresh
And for you to move out into my agenda –
My agenda for my end-time plan.
I am truly coming again
And I need you to prepare the way for me.

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