The love I have for the Father

The Love I Have For The Father and The Love He Has For Me
Is not the same as human love
It lasts for eternity.
That love has now been implanted deep in your being –
That love that reaches out to others –
It is the love that cannot recede.
You may have human feelings and react to stress and strife
But I say to you- – Inside is the love I have implanted –
A love that brings to others new life.

I ask you now to feed that seed – the incorruptible seed
That I have planted deep in your life.
Exercise that unselfish love,
Unconditional love –
That love that is deep in your being –
That love is there for you to love one another
In the way that I have loved you,.
It is the new commandment I have given –
A mandate I have given to you.

My people, it is a way of life that will flow out of your being
As you stay close to me and worship me
And will infiltrate your thinking.
As you contemplate and meditate, you will hear and you will know
The way of the Spirit is my way for you –
You will grow in my love each day.

The love I have for you overflows from my Father to me.
Allow it to flow over and through you.
It is my glory being seen.

Your love overwhelms me Lord
Your words are so beautiful.
How can we not spend time at your feet
And simply adore you.

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