Know that there has been a shift

Know That There Has Been A Shift
In the Spirit and in the natural.
The pivotal date of 11/11/11 has been significant
And of Cardinal Importance.
There will be changes that you will see
In my Body, my Church, my Family.
The frailty of life as known on the earth
Is to be recognised more and more
But the fullness I offer, which is deep in your being
Is to be fully recognised and received.
All the fullness of the God-head bodily truly is in me
And now that you are living in me, you are complete in me.
In me you live and move and have your being.
My people, the desire you have for more of me
Is the wooing of the Holy Spirit who resides in you.

There is a completeness and a fullness in 11/11/11
I desire to communicate.
Take hold of this time and move forward in me.
You will not see this again in your century.
Put ‘first things first’ . I am the Most High God –
El Elyon – There is no other higher –
We are entwined – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
It is for you, each one, a deep committal time –
Your time now to be given to me.
The time now is truly short
And I am returning soon.
Prepare the way for me – I am the King of Glory
And my Glory will be seen and known.
People now are hungry for change.
Sow your time into eternity.

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