11/11/11 A pivotal time on your calendar

Every Day is significant to me –
Yet as 11/11/11 approaches
Know that by numbers I communicate –
Even at the crossing of the Red Sea.
There you saw vast numbers
Approaching to kill and destroy
Yet it only took one man –
One man to step forward, hearing my voice –
And it was the enemy that was destroyed.

It was on the 3rd day my Son rose from the dead
And in my word you will see many such 3’s.
There are doubles and 7’s and many 40’s.
Know that the fullness of 11/11/11 is to be clearly seen.
There are double blessings and double anointings
Recorded for you to see
And here you see 3 sets of double “ones”
This you will never again see –
On your calendar, 6 numbers the same
Have not yet been seen
And they will not be seen again –
In this, your century.

There are moments to be seized that will not come again.
Be aware of the times and the seasons.
It is a pivotal time on your calendar –
Reach out and receive from me.
It is time to know the fullness of who you are in me.
It is time to know the fullness of who I am – We Three –
Father, son and Holy Spirit
Equal in love and power and unity.
We give honour to each other –
My glory clearly seen.

Take my fullness upon you.
Know you are complete in me –
For all the fullness of the God-head bodily dwells in my Son
And we are “One”
Live now, in our Spirit, in the victory we won
at Calvary.

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