Come and be close to me!

I beckon and I call.
The way is now open for you –
The veil has been torn in two.
It was the blood of my Son that paved the way –
Know that I am always here for you.
I see all that is happening around you
And I call out for you to come.
My peace, in turmoil, I long to give.
My hand reaches out to steady you.
The peace that I give is a deep peace –
Far greater than any that can be given in the world.
My promises are forever true.
I am not a man that I should lie
Or the son of man that I should repent.
My people, know that all that is temporal will pass away
And all that is eternal will live forever.

Come now – Anything I have not planted will be rooted up.
My people are to be unencumbered to run the final race.
Use the weapons I have given you –
You fight the world, the flesh and the devil.
Learn to discern.
Spend that special time with me and my Word.
Put off the old and put on the new.
My grace is sufficient for you and will carry you through.

I will no longer be ignored by my people.
My ways are not your ways
But by my Spirit you will come to understand more of my ways,
That I am the
Lord who exercises loving-kindness
And justice, and righteousness in the earth
And it’s in these things I delight, says the Lord.

Repent – and believe and receive all I have for you.
My love, joy and peace – My fruit, is there for the taking.
It is your portion.
My love for you is everlasting.
Choose to stay very close to me.

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