An unprecedented time and season!

It is the time –
It is for you to know the times and the seasons, my people
I am moving on the earth and in the earth
In an unprecedented way.
The end-time strategy that I have in place
Needs to be seen and embraced.
There is now no time to waste.

Come now and spend time at my feet
In a new way –
Seeking my will, my plan and purpose
Not your own
Each day.
There are many other voices clamouring for your attention.
Take a note of them and lay them aside.
My Holy Spirit will help you sift your priorities.

My people, there are tasks that only you can do
Because of how I have made you and what you have been through.
As you take the extra time to hear me clearly
And to move when and how my Spirit prompts you,
You will be amazed at the divine connections and encounters
You will experience.

There is to be a net-working across my Body
To bring in my end-time harvest
And my glory to be clearly seen –
My will to be done and my Kingdom to come
On earth as it is in Heaven.

I am the King of Glory
Prepare the way for me!
Put away your temporal agendas –
Tap into my eternal purposes.
You are my very own.
Come very close to me –
Hear my heart-beat.
As you quieten yourself before me
You will clearly hear my directions
And know, even more, my deep love for you.

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