Come now and integrate

Come my daughter, come and hear the words I have to say.
Come my son, and hear the plan I have for you each day.
Your lives are to be integrated – both flowing as “one”.
Have I not made you both in my image
To grow together as “one”,
Ever growing learning and changing?
From glory to glory I am changing you.
My glory is to be clearly seen in you
That the world may know you are mine –
They are to be drawn to me.
You are my hands and feet
And my mouth-piece in the world today.
My Holy Spirit will move and draw people to me
As you flow together in harmony.

These are not idle words.
You recognise that this is so
But are you playing your part in this
And honouring each other?
My son, take note of the women you can encourage and honour.
My daughter, take note of the men you can honour and encourage.
My love for you knows no bounds.
It is time for my Body to reveal my glory
And to love one another as I have loved you.

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