My grace poured out

My grace is sufficient for you my people.
It is poured out for you day by day.
It is by grace you have been saved
Not by any works you have done.
My mercies are new every morning
And my grace abounds towards you
For are you not my very own?
Did I not give my very all for you?
Would I not make sure you can live your life
pleasing unto me?

My people, take my grace upon you.
Wear it as a necklace –
As a string of pearls
For you are to be seen as different
From those who are in the world –
From those who harden their hearts
And fight for their rights, for fame and for wealth
And who live their lives in reaction –
Affected by the actions of men.

My grace will always be there for you my people.
It will always be sufficient for your every need.
My love reaches out to you today and every day.
Embrace my love for you.
Do not reject your love and grace.
My peace will fill your heart as you fully receive
For when I see you, I see you as worthy
Because of what my Son has done.
You are clean and precious because of the blood of my Son.

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