Take heed of the words I say

Take heed my daughter, take heed.
Take heed of the words I say.
Take heed my son, take heed.
Truly hear the words I say.
Be what I have called you to be.
You will know in your innermost being.
Those things that excite you the most
Will help you understand yourself
And the gifts I have given you to use for my Glory.

As you stay close to me and my Word,
You will grow in the spirit of wisdom and revelation
In the knowledge of me.
You will know the hope of your calling.
You will walk and even run, in the pathway I have chosen for you.
You will move in my strength and not your own.
You will have obstacles along your way
But they will be overcome as you stay close to me.
You will be stretched and you will grow in faith
As you recognise that I am the Most High God.
I am the same yesterday, today and forever
And my resurrection power lives within you.

Be all that I have called you to be –
Not what another person thinks you are to be
Or desires you to be.
Walk in my fullness and in my resurrection power,
Fulfilling my plan and purpose for your life.

At this time, when I am moving mightily in the earth
Before my return,
I ask that you be willing to prepare the way for me.
Tell of what I have done in your life.
Love with my love.
Be salt and light.
Bring light into the darkness.
Fight the enemy with all the weapons I have given you
To enforce the victory that I have already won on the cross.

The world needs to know I am coming again
And they are to be ready for me.

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